Generation Y’s New Addiction

First step to getting over any addiction is admitting to the problem and understanding that your life has become unmanageable. Sorry to say Generation Y, but we have a problem that requires some help. Maybe the 12 step program is not all that necessary, but an intervention is a MUST. What is this new found addiction I bring up? One word: SMARTPHONES. Team iPhone or Team Droid, what ever your preference is, you are apart of this epidemic. I hate to call out my own, but Gen Y, we have a a major issue with staying glued to our phones all hours of the day. It is actually pretty sad. Gone out to dinner with friends lately? Notice that you and every single one of friends is on their phone during some part of your night together? That is the problem; we no long appreciate human interaction with one another. Whether it’s checking Instagram, text messages, or browsing your apps, your phone has become your life. We spend every waking moment checking, updating, or just plain looking at our phone like it is a work of jaw dropping art.

Earlier this year, I saw a video that completely transformed the way I look at my iPhone. Take a look for yourself; it might change your mind too. Here’s the link: Let me know what you think. I found this video to be quite eye opening because it illustrated the addiction that is becoming prevelant in ages younger and younger each year. Sometimes, someone must point out your own flaws before you start to notice them yourself. Lets get this straight, I am not anti-smartphone, but I do believe many of us can not balance our social life online and in realtiy. We are always looking for the next big story on social media, and sometimes scrolling through our timeline on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can add up to numerous hours spent on our phones. If that video did not help realize our addiction, hopefully this inforgraphic can shed some light on the dark reality of smartphone addiction.



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