Millennials: the Cure to the Smartphone Epidemic

Now that I’ve inherently called out my entire generation about their problems with smartphone consumption, I think we can move on to how we can actually start enjoying our lives. However, note that this addiction is serious enough to where people are dying from others phone use and driving. It’s a serious matter, but with every problem, there is a remedy. I’m a natural problem solver so I think it’s only necessary that I write a follow-up blog about treatment to this addiction. The one word that sums up the solution is MANAGEMENT. As very busy individuals, we often have to manage our time consciously, so let’s apply that to our smartphone use. Here are a few ways to manage your phone use according to WebMD (see, I told you it was a serious issue):

1. “Be Conscious”- which means start noticing when you start feeling a certain way that inhibits you to get on your smartphone

2.”Be Strong”- you do not necessarily need to reply back to EVERYTHING (this is actually my problem). I feel like I have to respond to every call/message in order to feel complete, but no, sometimes just let the phone just ring.

3. “Be Disciplined”- one of my resolutions for this year is to stay disciplined in technology, so this applies to me as well. When you learn to not use your phone in certain settings, you will start to enjoy your surroundings a lot more. Trust me, it’s already working for me.

Supposedly, following these few steps will help you concentrate and focus better and decrease anxiety, but that always varies from person to person. Just know you will feel a whole lot better when you stop letting your phone dictate your life.

Here is a couple books to check out as well:

Sleeping with your Smartphone by Perlow

Virtual Addiction: Help for Netheads by David Greenfield, PhD




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