The Trip of my College Career… Washington, D.C.


Yes, I spontaneously took a trip to D.C. that ended up being the most rewarding experience of my life as a young adult. A week before the trip, my godmother contacted me to see if I wanted to attend this sports conference in D.C. I knew about the conference, but it was difficult gathering a group to make the trip from Georgia. However, my god mom, mom, and I found a way to make it happen– six days later, I am leaving Athens, GA catching a flight to the nation’s capital. I sure did feel like a big girl taking my first plane ride by myself!

Now about this conference…

George Washington University hosted a 2-day conference called the Sports Industry Networking Career Conference (SINC) that was designed to bring in top-level executives in the sports industry to network and speak to students and young professionals interested in the industry. I’m talking C-level executives, VPs, and directors of numerous organizations. Of course, all of the Washington teams were present, and I interviewed with one club (a guy named RG3 plays on it). So, the opportunities were endless at this conference. Panel discussions touched on so many areas in sports that include (but, not limited to): sports marketing, athlete representation, driving revenue, sports sponsorship, website content, social media and the list goes on. My favorite panel was Sport for Social Good and getting to hear about the opportunities that allow people to help others through sport (right up my alley!). Some notable speakers were the Chief Legal Officer of the NCAA, Donald Remy, Future Hall of Famer and Boxer, Bernard Hopkins, ESPN Business Analyst, Andrew Brandt, and the most entertaining speaker, President of Galatioto Sports, Salvator Galatioto.

My favorite part of the entire event was the networking portion where we got to speak one-on-one with so many professionals and students who are interested in this field. George Washington provided us with a beautiful venue for the Networking Reception that had an entire view of the city and great food, of course. I really enjoyed having the chance to meet with students from Chicago, Pennsylvania, and the DMV area. It was also refreshing to meet someone from my SEC rival school, South Carolina (Go Dawgs). SINC gave me an opportunity to meet some incredible people who were willing to help me!

I absolutely loved the District of Columbia, and I hope to be back very, very soon. To the people I’ve met, thank you. To my godparents, my actual parents, my Aunt Kalena and my Georgetown host, Kim, thank you so much for making this happen for me. Truly grateful, and you know I have pictures to share!

This weekend became the start of an amazing journey into my future, and I am very excited to see where God takes me. Glory to him, always.

SIDE NOTE: My trip was also highly unconventional as a huge snowstorm graced the streets of D.C. that left me figuring out how to get back to Atlanta (flights backed up the entire day). A HUGE thank you to my aunt for getting me to Richmond, VA to fly out safely to Atlanta. LOVE YOU!


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